Wet Possum

If the year on your driver’s license starts with a “1”, you are going to love this band. Wet Possum is a ragtag bunch of friends whose only desire is to play the greatest pop punk and alt-rock hits of the 1990’s and 2000’s. Remember all those songs you jammed out to in the car on your way to McDonald’s for lunch with a buddy crammed in the trunk? Remember when so and so didn’t message you back on AIM so you bawled your eyes out to MCR’s Black Parade? Well we sure do! After just 5 minutes of Wet Possum you will feel all the feels, log back into Myspace, charge up your Motorola Razr, and bust out your old skinny jeans. Step into the auditory time capsule of Wet Possum and relive the glory days of music before SoundCloud rappers and bro-country!

Website - wetpossumband.com
Facebook - facebook.com/wetpossumband
Instagram - @wetpossum_