Keith Pulvermacher

Keith Pulvermacher was an amazing songwriter, musician, friend and father.  Keith lost his battle with Multiple Myeloma (a cancer of plasma cells) on July 30, 2022.  Proceeds from your purchase will go to Keith's family.

His debut solo album titled 'Midwestern' was followed up by '45 Story' (recorded and produced by Ryan Rosseboin Nashville and released in December 2018) is a collection of songs written to inspire reconnection and unity with all of us. 

Pulvermacher's music career began in the '90s with the band the UnXpected, followed by Sister Moon, LoveMonkeys, Chasin' Mason and his solo career. He also was a music teacher, co-writing a song with a teen student, Madison Olson, that was a finalist for the Nashville Songwriters Association International Song Contest in 2016. And he was instrumental in launching the Magic Mansion Concerts on the Porch series in Oconomowoc.